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I learn from this link here to see if Netflix CEO / Director have dump their shares.


Below are the exact walk thru or rather a “tutorial” to verify the Accumulation(A) or distribution(D) by checking the Form 4 from

I believe you can change the CIK ticker if you wish to check other share counters. A Central Index Key or CIK number is a number given to an individual or company by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.

Four Steps to check Director / CEO share exchange hand

1. Identify the CEO / Director to check

2. Check the EDGAR.html

3. Retrieve the Form 4, and check whether it is (A) or (D) and check the number of shares and the current holding.

4. Do your own due-diligence

I love Netflix and this is for sharing and not to mean for affecting the company images.

In short, above steps can be use to check the share movement of a company.


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