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After few months researching on Cryptocurrencies, I observed a few words frequently used in the telegram group or in twitter groups.

FOMO : Fear Of Missing Out

HODL: Hold On Dear Life

FUD: Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt

Pump and Dump:
The recurring cycle of an Altcoin getting a spike in price followed by a huge crash. Such movements are often attributed to low volume, hence the ‘pump’. Traders who pump, buying huge volumes, may wish to invoke FOMO from the uninformed investors and then dump, or sell, their coins at a higher price.

“Buy The Fxxxxxx Dip” – When people are running around and selling because of fear, this is the time to buy.

Extreme bullish movement of a coin.

and most important is below:

SATS: Satoshi unit. It is a unit measurement in bitcoin. In forex, we use pips ( percentage in points), in Bonds or interest rate, we use basis point, and in Cryptocurrencies, we use SATS, which interpreted as one hundred millionths of a bitcoin (0.00000001 BTC). 8 decimal digits.


Buy TRX in range of 0.00000700-900 btc. It can also be rephrase as “Buy TRX in range of 700-900 sats”


Hope you find it is useful and have a great year in crypto trading. If you know more, please share in the comment below so I can update the list.

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