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What is Tankan Survey Report

  1. Tankan means (短観), a short-term economic outlook and sentiment survey. Tankan survey is an Economic survey
  2. Formulate the monetary policy
  3. Issued 4 times a year. April, July, October and Mid December
  4. This survey covers thousand of companies which normally company with capitalisation more than 1 billion yen.
  5. It shows current trend and expected business activity for next quarter and years.
  6. It is a quarterly business confidence report by Bank of Japan BOJ showing the status of Japan economy, a key financial measure that influences the Japan economy.
  7. A quarterly index which may used as a leading indicator to check the business sentiment pulse before next economy data release.
  8. It is a survey done by mail and email.
  9. The scale range from -100 to 100.
  10. An aggregate score of business optimism and pessimism score which collected from large, medium-sized and small enterprises.



Below is a screenshot I captured from the Forexfactory, which shows the past Tankan survey in a bar chart format.

2018 Apr Tankan Survey bar chart

2018 Apr Tankan Survey bar chart


You can get a more details information direct from Bank of Japan official link. From the link, you can get the full report as well as a summary table.

Sample of Tankan Summary Table April 2018

Tankan Survey Table


A sample of Tankan chart from 44 years ago, since May 1974 till April 2018

Tankan Survey diffusion index sample





More read on:

Recent comments on 2nd April 2018 Tankan survey by Reuters,

An index measuring big manufacturers’ confidence fell by 2 points to plus 24 in March, the Bank of Japan’s quarterly “tankan” survey showed, roughly matching a median market forecast of plus 25.

In short, if you are checking how Japan economy performs, do keep an eye on this survey. Feel free to express your view by comment below and hope you find the article useful in helping you to understand about Tankan survey.

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